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Fun Times in Zion

| July 23, 2007 3:39 pm

John and Amy arrived yesterday (Sunday) before noon. They had flown from Atlanta to Las Vegas and stayed there due to the late arrival. We had dropped off the Tahoe at their hotel in Las Vegas so they could drive it up to Zion and meet us. Ann and I had already watched a stage of the Tour de France and went on a nice bike ride up to the end of Zion park before the arrived.

We all piled into the Honda van and headed up to the visitor center where we caught the shuttle bus to take us up to the park. We had decided to do a hike to the Emerald Polls. There are three pools, a lower, middle and upper one. It seemed like a difficult enough hike with 5 year olds. Kyle and Natalie did a good job hiking but up toward the upper pool Natalie did need some help do the high rocks you had to climb over in the trail. It was very beautiful looking down over the canyon floor as we climbed higher and higher. I had taken my GPS to try and get some data but the steep canyon walls blocked the signal so it was more or less useless there.


After hiking back down we went to the Zion Lodge and got a treat. Kyle and Natalie had an ice cream but I was more interested in just a drink due to the weather that was getting warming by the minute. After taking the shuttle bus back to the Visitor Center we drove back to the hotel. Everyone elses headed to the pool but I jumped on Ann’s bike and rode it to the local bike shop to get the rear derailer adjusted. The shop there did an excellent job and only was going to charge me $8.30 so I gave hima $10 bill and told him to keep the changed.

When I go back, I put on my suit and headed the pool. There were a lot more people there than yesterday so I guess all the torrists had now arrived.

That evening we headed across the street to the Bit and Spur for a nice Mexican dish. We had to wait awhile before we were served so I was very hungry by then and am sure others felt the same.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and John and Amy put the grandkids to bed (they were in the room across from ours) and then came over to watch a stage of the Tour de France on my computer.

The next morning we had to leave early because we needed to get to Salt Lake and pickup our Deseret News 10K race packets before 6 pm. We made a stop in Cedar City to visit Don and Jojo at their home then we all went to IHop for breakfast. After a nice meal we headed up to our place in Orem where we had a couple hours before we needed to leave. Ann stayed behind to come up later with Greg who was still in class. I drove everyone else in the min-van to first check in the Embasy Suite hotel, then over to the expo to pickup our race packets. I had no problem to pickup Ann’s packet for her. It was a very small race expo and we able to see all the booths in about 4 minutes.

I dropped off John and family at the Gateway center downtown while I headed up to the University of Utah to scout out the location for the start of the race so I would not need to find it in the dark. I then went back and joined John and family for dinner. I was real tired by then and went back to the hotel to sleep while Ann and Greg went out to dinner.