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Tri Fry

| June 2, 2008 7:06 pm

It was a triple sports day.  It was not that hot but we decided to call it our Tri Fry.  We started out this morning with a 5 mile run up the Provo Canyon trail.

Franz and Ann after running

In the early afternoon we went golfing.  We had not been golfing since last fall so it was a bit of a learning experience.  We found ourselves in the rough too often.

Ann golfing

After a few holes we finally started to get some good drive shots.

Franz golfing

Franz golfing

Ann golfing

And the freeway shots started to get a bit straighter.

Ann golfing

After several holes Franz finally shot par.

Franz golfing

Ann lines up for this pressure putt.

Ann golfing

To complete our triple sports day we took a ride on the tandem up South Fork, for a 26 mile ride.

Franz and Ann on Tandem

As we were headed home the clouds started to darken and we caught some rain the last couple of miles. It was just enough rain to cool off this Tri Fry day.

New Golf Clubs – Same Score

| August 16, 2007 1:44 pm

Both Ann and Franz had planned on going golfing today with Greg since this was our last day before returning to California. I had been thinking of buying a new set of golf clubs that they were selling at Costco so we all headed over there after first going to Costco and finding the store not yet opened we went over to Sports Mart to check out their clubs. We decided to buy a set of golf clubs there for Ann. The set came with a bag and all the clubs so out by the car we removed everything from the box to get it ready to use and then headed over to Costco.

We bought the set of golf clubs there that Franz was planning to buy and took them to the car and unwraped them, then headed over to the golf course just in time for our 10:20 am tee time.

Here Franz and Ann display their new golf clubs.

Ann and Franz wtih new golf clubs

Ann did very well with her new clubs, especially with the coaching from Greg.
Ann golfing

Greg coaching Ann in golf

Franz didn’t seem to do any better with the new clubs and maintianed the unpredictable style he is well know for. On one hole he played almost the entire hole in the adjoining fairway.

Here is Greg missing the ball.

Greg golfing

Just joking. He was just taking a practice swing.

Triple Day at the Races

| June 5, 2007 8:43 pm

This was the first day after arriving in Utah last night. With the Tour de Cure coming up this weekend and with the weather forecast showing rain and cold tomorrow and Thursday, we decided that we should get in a bike ride while the weather is nice.

We started from our Orem condo and headed over to the Provo River trail, up to the end, then up to the end of South Fork. I knew from riding this route previous that this would only give us between 25 and 30 miles so I suggested to Ann we go further. I thought about either riding out to Utah Lake or riding up to Sundance ski resort.

We decided to head up to Sundance. After descending down South Fork we headed up the busy highway for a few miles to the turn off for Sundance. The climb up to it was a bit steep, but Ann did great.

At the resort we decided to have lunch so we bought a turkey sandwich to share. We took our lunch out to a wooden deck to enjoy the beautiful view. I asked Ann how she felt about the climb up to Sundance and she said she decided to go to Sundance because we would not get a good sandwich at Utah Lake. I started to laugh out loud. While we were eating, Greg called and asked if we wanted to go golfing. So we headed back home and got there just in time to head to the golf course for 9 holes. Ann and I didn’t exactly have a great game but were impressed by Greg’s skill and his new driver, and decided that maybe we have to get one of those.

Ann golfing

Greg golfing

After returning home I got ready for another bike ride with the Utah Velo club. The ride started in American Fork and since Ann wanted to be able to use the car, I decided to ride to the start, about 9 miles. The club ride was a very fast paced 35 miles and then I rode home. My average speed for the entire 45 miles was 19.3 mph. That is how fast this club rides.

All in all I had a great time today, riding and golfing with Ann and then doing a fast paced ride with the bike club. It was really a triple day at the races.