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2014 Calendar

| December 10, 2013 11:11 am

I enjoying making a new family calendar each year and this time I actually got it finished in time so it will be printed before Christmas.  Sometimes I don’t have enough photos, especially of Jeff and his kids, so I have to wait until we get together a couple of weeks before Christmas.  But with the family reunion last summer I have plenty to work with.  John and Sara also send me photos and Sara, being a fantastic photographer, always gives me left with not enough room to include all the photos.

For the cover I used a photo I took of the flowers at Thanksgiving point.


There are two months where no one in the family has a birthday. For May, instead of using the typical photos about Mother’s Day I included the family group photo we had taken in August. For December I like to include something Christmas related. This year I came up with an idea of doing a collage of some of the Christmas related photos over the past 40 plus years. I found a Photoshop Action at that did the trick for me.


2013 Christmas Cards

| December 2, 2013 11:57 pm

It is just the 2nd day of December but we want to get our Christmas cards ordered since we will be leaving.  We hope they arrive before we leave.

Stationery Card
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Handmade Christmas Cards

| December 12, 2012 6:01 pm

For the past few years I have used Shutterfly to make our Christmas cards.  It is rather easy, just upload some photos, decide on a layout and drag the photos there, click the buy button and spend a bunch of money.  Being a bit late and not sure we would get them before we left for Utah, I decided to go back to my old method and hand design and print our cards.  I used Adobe InDesign Software to do the layout.  I found these large blank cards, essentially a 8.5×11 inch sheet of cardstock, that folds over, along with the envelopes.  Makes kind of a large greeting card.  I used these and printed on both sides.

For the front I used four photos, each done in Photoshop with an action to make them look like the edges are lifting off paper.  One photo of us and the others of the grandkids.  The Front looks like this, with the design grid lines showing in this screen shot.

When you open the card it shows a photo of us biking at the top of Mt. Tam, on the top.  On the bottom I put a short update where everyone is now days.   I finally have finished printed about 60 of the cards.  It took some time, needing to print on both sides.  Cost was not much cheaper than using Shutterfly and took a lot more time, but everyone is using a place like Shutterfly now so maybe this is a bit different.

Christmas Card

| November 28, 2011 4:41 pm

We ordered our Christmas cards today from Shutterfly.  They had 40% off, free shipping and another 20% off for Cyber Monday.

Stationery card
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Christmas Card

| December 9, 2009 6:45 pm

Anne reminded me that it was my turn to write the annual Christmas Card letter.  I replied that I wrote it last year.  No, no, Anne insisted she did.  How can you argue with someone who has such a good memory.

It is hard to be original in writing these each year and it is not like we have a lot of things changing in our life like as when we were younger.  This afternoon we received the Christmas card from our son, John.  He had used Shutterfly to make the cards, that included some photos.  Great I thought, and in less than 20 minutes I had ordered our Christmas cards.  Hope they come before Christmas so we can mail them out.  For the truly lazy people they will even do the mailing for you if yo upload a contact list.  But I am not yet that lazy.

The front of the card looks like this.


Want to see the inside?  Well, you will just have to wait until you get the card.

Memorable Memorial Monday

| May 25, 2009 6:49 pm
Memorable Memorial Monday

It has been a delightful Memorial Day.  This morning we got up and watched the TV with some of the feature stories on the sacrifice of our military men and women over the years.  A touching story was about an organization that had made it possible for many of the WWII veterans to travel to Washington DC to see the monument devoted to their comrades who had died in the war.  It helped us appreciate the sacrifice of so many for us and our children, and their children.

After cutting the bike ride on Saturday short due to the cold weather, we wanted to get in a good long ride today.  We decided to go 64 miles and do the Canada Loop, then head up and ride up to the Henry Coe State Park headquarters.  It was still overcast in the morning so we kept waiting.  We thought that once it reached 55 degrees we would head out since the forecast was for a nice day.  We had only gone one block before Anne decided to add the sleeves to her jacket because it was still brisk.

By the time we made our way to Canada Road, it had warmed up to about 60 degrees and we could see that the sun was attempting to break through the over cast.  We quickly warmed up during the climb and by the time we reached the summit the sun was now shinning.

We went all the way down Roop Road, up a short hill and down a descent, past some very nice homes then on through the back roads up to Morgan Hill.

Before we started to make the big climb we stopped briefly while we shared a sandwich we had brought along.  We no longer needed our arm warmers or vest. The weather was absolutely perfect for cycling.  Part way up the climb we stopped to enjoy the view.

We were glad when we reached the end of the road.

We didn’t stay at the top long because it was now mid afternoon and we had not eaten much yet.  It was a moderate paced descent down to the valley.  Franz was doing much better braking with his left hand and the drag brake on the tandem really helped.  After we made our way over to Erik’s Deli, we shared a sandwich, sitting on the patio area.

From there it was 10 miles back to our house.  We had timed it it just right because it was now starting to cool off a bit.  We finally made it home after 5:00 pm, with a total of 64 miles and nearly 5,000 feet of climbing.  It was a very nice day.

Mother’s Day

| May 11, 2008 1:32 pm

Today is Mother’s Day. It is a day set aside so we can demonstrate our appreciation to our mothers for all they did to make us who we are. Mother’s Day is an important day because most of us don’t fully understand how much our mothers do for us. It is good that at least on this day we stop to reflect on that.

Here is a video that I put together for Ann. Click the play button to view and then scroll down to see a few photos taken today.

I had bought some flowers. It was a bunch of roses with four different colors, read, white, yellow and pink. It made me think about our four children. Like the four different colors in the bouquet, our children are all different but together they make up a beautiful family.

Franz then bar-b-qued some thick stakes for dinner.

Meanwhile Ann picked some strawberries from the plant she has been growing.

We then enjoyed a nice Mother’s Day dinner on our deck.

After cleaning up we enjoyed to video on our TV. I had created a DVD version with full resolution.

Christmas in Gilroy

| December 29, 2007 7:27 am

This year we spent Christmas Day in our Gilroy home. Greg was visiting during a break from his studies at BYU. Without the little children around, we slept in longer than I can ever recall on a Christmas morning. We were up for some time when we decided to wake up Greg. Here are some photos.

Later we went out for a ride on the tandem. The weather was on the cool side, but much warmer than when we were in Utah.

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Christmas Visit to Atlanta

| 6:57 am

We had a wonderful visit to Atlanta in mid December with John, Amy, Kyle and Natalie. Here are some pictures of the visit.

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We had a great time spending some of the holiday with the family. John and Amy treated us to a concert of Handel’s Messiah with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The weather was nice for most of the visit and John and I were able to get out on the bikes three of the days.

From Atlanta we headed to Utah where the weather was much colder. It was fun to see the snow however.

Christmas Cards and Photo

| December 9, 2007 8:32 pm

We are busy sending out our Christmas letter and cards. At a recent church Christmas party Scott Lance took this photo of Ann and Franz, which we really liked so we included in our Christmas cards.

Franz and Ann

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