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2011 Tour of California Viewing

| May 18, 2011 2:28 pm
2011 Tour of California Viewing

Last year we were able to bike to see two of the stages of the Tour of California but this year there was only stage 4 that offered that chance.  It was going to be a hill top finish at the top of Sierra Road.  There is always a bike club party near the bottom of the climb, at a member’s house, but this year we decided to watch things near the top.  We drove to San Jose and parked a few miles away from the start of the climb, then made our way up the hill.   Still recovering from an illness didn’t help with this tough climb.  It seemed to go on forever but we finally made it to the top.

It was getting very crowded at the finish line so we decided to head a bit down the hill, where it was a steeper grade.  We parked our bikes and settled in for a couple hour wait.

It was rather cool and we had a long wait so we began to get a bit cold.  We kept warm by taking turns waking further down the hill and then back up. But it was well worth it when the riders came by.  We were wondering who would be out front and were a bit surprised to see it was Chris Horner, with Team Radio Shack.

We didn’t see any riders right behind him and it was well over a minute before the second group came up the hill, with Tom Danielson, Andy Schleck and Levi Leipheimer.

We had a great place to view as the rest of the riders came by, but there were really spread out.  It was great fun seeing these pro cyclists up close and personal.

After the last riders came by we headed back down the hill, only to be passed by many of the pro cyclists who were biking back down the hill.  We made a brief stop at the ACTC party but it was mostly over by now.  Overall not a long ride, but one very steep climb and a great spot to see the tour made for a very fun day.