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Tandem up Hobble Creek

| April 13, 2011 12:40 pm
Tandem up Hobble Creek

The weather has been so difficult to predict and the forecasts showed thundershowers for later today, so this morning we headed out under clear skies for a tandem ride up Hobble Creek.  It was a little cool, in the 50’s for much of the ride, but with the sun it felt much warmer.  The ride takes us through Provo, then Springville to get to the base of the Hobble Creek Canyon.  From there it is about 9 miles up the canyon on the left fork, but never with a very steep incline.

At the end of the road we stopped and parked our bike, to take some photos. There are some beautiful homes up this canyon.  We can only dream about living in any of them but glad that we don’t have to pay the property tax on them.

Then it was a fast descent back down the canyon. We stopped in Provo for a sandwich, then headed back home since we could see the storm was approaching. We were riding the tandem today because we did not bring our single bikes. But it is a good thing with this weather since we were carrying rain jackets and extra gear in the back bag, but we were lucky to not need them.

I was surprised when I uploaded my Garmin 500 to Strava that we got the KOM for the 9 mile segment up Hobble Creek. Guess there are not many Strava users in Utah.

Biking to the Snow

| April 11, 2011 1:51 pm
Biking to the Snow

It has been rather unusual weather for April.  When we drove up from Las Vegas last Friday we had snow showers along the way, and heavy rain when we reached the Salt Lake Area.  On Saturday it was snowing so we had to run in the snow.  Monday was finally a clear sunny day so we decided to bike.  We did no bring our single bikes with us, but on the last visit we did bring the tandem up to leave in our Utah home.

Early in the morning it was too cold to bike so we waited until close to noon, and finally headed up the Provo River trail.  The trail was closed past Nunns Park so we went out on the highway, which is not much fun.  We finally made the junction and turned left up the Alpine Loop.  It is a rather steep section up to Sundance but nothing that difficult. However it seemed to be very hard this time.  I guess I am not use to climbing with the tandem.  We biked right past Sundance and then reached Apsen Grove.  Soon after that the road was no longer cleared.


The temperature was only in the 50’s but with the sun shining brightly we were plenty warm, especially while climbing.  We did bring some jackets to wear on the descent, which was rather cold.

After reaching the highway, we rode down to South Fork and made that climb, which is much easier.  Then it was back home.  It was a good ride and one we really needed since we had not been on the bike for several days.


Running in the Snow

| April 9, 2011 5:37 pm

This is our second trip to Utah this year.  Usually we like to wait until May, but for the second time in as many months we found ourselves driving up here to give one of our cars to one of our children.  We were hoping to bike today, but when we arrived yesterday it was already storming.  We tried to go to the gym this morning for a workout, but the parking lot was so full we knew the line for the treadmill would be long, so we decided to take a chance an run up the Provo River trail.  I put the camera on a fence to get us running down the trail but those things are always a bit tricky to time.  You can click on the image above to see enlarged.

The trail was wet, but with the temperature close to 32, there was no ice.  We had a few snow flurries on the way back down but we were plenty warm enough, even for California kids.