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Hobble Creek Fast Ride

| May 9, 2010 5:37 pm

Saturday was here and we finally had nice weather.  Although the forecast was for a high of around 68 degrees, it was below 40 when we got up and it was suppose to be cloudy in the morning. So we were not sure what to wear on the Utah Velo club ride.  On days when we ride just the two of us we can leave later after it has already warmed up but with the 8:30 am start, it was a question of how cold did we want to be until the air warmed up vs. how many clothes to carry once it did warm up.  Anne decided to wear tights and a jacket, and I wore knee warmers, vest and a skull cap.

We rode over to the Provo River trail head where the rider who started in American Fork would meet those who only wanted to do 50 miles. We figured it would be better to ride the loop over to American Fork at the end of the ride, when it was warmer, and avoid driving our car there.

About 30 riders showed up for the ride and we all headed down University Avenue at a fast pace.  With a tailwind, the speed of the paceline reached 26 mph.  Anne stayed right in the pack all the way through Provo.  She has a lot of experience drafting behind me but not as much experience in a big pace line, but she did fine.  After going past Provo, we went through some back roads over to Springville.  We became disconnected from the main group but they did not get very far ahead.  It was now more difficult to keep them in sight since it was just me that Anne could draft behind.  Just after crossing Main Street in Springville there was a regroup so we caught the group there.

It was sunny and much warmer than we expected so everyone was shedding clothes and now wishing we had dressed lighter. Many of the other riders also commented how they over dressed, like we did.  I was wearing my vest with pockets in the back so I had more places to stuff clothes.  After a short regroup, we started up to Canyon Road, then up Hobble Creek.   As soon as we started the gradual climbing, we went ahead of about one third of the riders, the same guys we had to push so hard to hang on to on the flats.  At the fork on Hobble Creek, we took the right fork, for another 7 miles.   I mentioned to Anne that we would catch some of the riders ahead of us because they would get tired.  That turned out to be the case and we went by four of them before reaching the end.

The regroup there was not too long, just long enough to wait for most of the rest of the riders, but some were still not there when we all headed back down the Canyon.  Anne’s descending has greatly improved and she seems to have a lot more confidence with her new bike.  We were taking the speeds up to 35 mph on this gradual descent with rather straight sections.  The group was all spread apart, as is typical for either a climb or descent, but all regrouped when we reached Main Street in Springville.

We had brought a PB&J sandwich, we we inhaled down, thinking they were going to take off, but the group was waiting a bit longer for some riders who were still climbing up Hobble Creek when we all went down.  After about 10 minutes, the ride leader figured they had not turned around to join the descending group, so we we headed out.  The pace line started to move fast again now that we were on flat roads.  Once again we became a bit disconnected but we kept them insight. The paceline then split into two groups, those going back to Provo and those headed back to American Fork.  We cased after the American Fork group and caught them at a light.  I guess Anne decided she wanted to stay in the pack this time, so for the 16 miles to American Fork, she hung right on the wheel of the rider in front of her.  I was riding behind her, or to the side, so she would have a larger guy to draft behind.  I was starting to get weary and figured Anne might start to slow down, but she kept with the pace line all the way back.  She is amazing.

Once we reached the Bike Peddler shop in American Fork, the end of the ride for everyone else, we caught our breath and then stopped nearby to get some lunch. It was then about 12 more miles back to our home.

I guess Anne still had plenty of energy left because she suggested we go to the movie, Iron Man 2. We went over to see if we could get in the 4:30 pm showing, but that showing and next one were sold out, so we bought tickets for the 6:10 pm showing. It was a fun movie and end of a fun day.

Snow in May

| May 2, 2010 8:48 pm

As the month of April was coming to an end, ironically it started to turn cold in Utah.  On Tuesday we had a nice 55 mile ride up Hobble Creek, but after that it has been cold going.  On Wednesday it was so cool and wet Anne decided to skip biking or even running.  I was thinking to do the same, until the late afternoon when I check the computer and it said the temperature in Orem was 45.  Anne said she was going to do some errands.  Since there was a stiff headwind coming down the canyon, I asked her to take me to the trail head in the car first.  I ran up the trail for 3 miles, then back home for a total of an 8 mile run.  As I was running up the trail it started to snow and the snow flurries increased as I was coming back down.  With the strong cold headwind coming back down the trail, I was feeling rather cold until on my iPod it started to play “Merry Christmas”.  It kind of got me in the mood, until the next song “Summer in the City” spoiled that.

On Thursday Anne went to Woman’s Conference at BYU.  I had intended to bike that day but it was just too cold.  Anne finished at 3 pm and the rain and snow flurries had stopped so we headed out for a nice 6 mile run.  We wore our rain jackets but running up the trail was a bit warm with those jackets, but I kept mine on anyway since I was feeling cool, while Anne took her jacket off since she had a long sleeved running shirt underneath.

On Friday we woke up to snow.  I don’t ever recall it snowing one month before May.

It seemed odd to see snow covering tulips in full bloom.

Anne headed off for the 2nd day of Woman’s conference.  It was only around 40 degrees outside by early afternoon, but I was anxious to get back on the bike.  I had brought some new booties, which I had bought last fall but never wore all winter.  I put them on and all the other clothes I could and went for a ride up the canyon.  I decided to push hard up the Alpine Road, to Sundance, and set a new PR for that section.

I was warm enough making the climb but coming back down was a chilling deal.

On Saturday morning our hopes of getting out for a bike ride didn’t materialize when we some some more snow.  An unusual way to welcome the month of May.  Anne’s computer battery was swelling (so I had removed it).  It seemed like a good day to take it to the Apple store in Salt Lake.  Even though the computer was out of warranty, they replaced the battery free of charge.  Nice to own a Mac.

On the drive back  home it was now clearing.   I suggested we might be able to get in a bike ride, but it was still cold and windy.  Anne opted for using the bike training so I set her bike up downstairs where she could watch a movie.  I don’t really like the bike trainer so I decided to brave the cold and headed up the canyon.  I again made the climb up the Alpine Loop, but decided to go all the way to Aspen Grove.  Again the climb was warm enough.  Just past Aspen Grove the road was closed and I saw some snowmobilers.  First time I had ever biked up to where that was happening.

Initially the descent was not too bad but after I went past Sundance, the road was wet and in the shade.  The temperature was dropping and I was starting to get snow flurries blowing in my face.  It was way too cold to enjoy.  I finally made it down to Vivian Park and was so cold I decided to climb up South Fork to warm up.  I finally was warming up again by the time I reached the end.  But then I had to head back down.  I was glad to get this ride, but it was much colder than I would prefer.  I was glad to finally get home.  Anne had just finished using the bike trainer, for over 2 hours, amazing.