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No Free Lunch

| January 26, 2009 6:16 pm
No Free Lunch

After several days of cloudy weather and periods of rain, it was nice to see the sun shining this morning. What a great day to go out on the tandem. But a quick check of the temperature showed 38 degrees. As often happens in this part of California, clear skies mean cold mornings since there is not that overcast condition to hold in the heat during the nighttime.

We waited until nearly 11 am for the temperature to go up and finally made our way out for a 40 mile ride. The sun felt great but the temperatures never did warm up much. We stopped to take a picture at the same place we had stopped just one week ago when it was in the 70’s. The above shows the comparison. Still it was a very pretty day with the wondrous clouds hanging low in the sky.

We stopped at Erik’s Deli on the way home to share a sandwich. I had collected 10 stamps so I was going to get a free sandwich. Hum, maybe there is such thing as a free lunch after all. Well not quite because the Government always is there to collect money at every turn. Seems you need to still pay sales tax on the full price. I should have known that there is really no such thing as a free lunch. But still we had a wonderful day.

We stopped on the way home to get a few more pictures but realized that no pictures could do justice to the great view of the green grass and beautiful clouds.

Spring in January

| January 12, 2009 6:51 pm

After what seemed like weeks of cooler weather, we finally had a beautiful day today.  We decided to join a club ride that went up Quimby and Mt. Hamilton.  Quimby is a very steep hill, with grades up to 20%  and an average grade of 13% for the upper section.We had never attempted this climb before on the tandem.  It took us a bit under 43 minutes to make the climb.

We took it slow and made it up to the top without any undue difficulty.  After reaching the summit we descended down the backside of Quimby until we reached the road up Mt. Hamilton. We biked another 12 miles to the Lick Observatory, which is at 4,100 feet elevation.  It was sunny and reasonably warm up there, even at that altitude..

After eating a sandwich we had brought along, we headed back down to the valley.  We decided to not go back down Quimby because of the steep grade and instead went further down Mt. Hamilton road to the Clayton road, which we took to the valley floor.  The little rain we have been receiving has been just enough to turn the hills green.

It was about 47 miles of cycling and 5,700 feet of climbing by the time we reached the car.  This chart shows the profile of the entire ride and how high my heart rate went as we were doing the first climb up Quimby (click to enlarge).

Quimby and Mt. Hamilton

Logan’s Second Birthday

| January 7, 2009 7:32 pm
Logan's Second Birthday

We drove to Fresno to celebrate Logan’s 2nd birthday. Before we went out to dinner we spent some time playing with his toys in his room.

We then headed off to Red Robin for dinner.

Logan seemed to like to eat the Apples the most.  He was not sure about those buttered noodles.  At the end of the dinner the staff came by to sing Happy Birthday to him but he seemed to wonder what all the singing was about.

He did like the ice cream sundae they brought.

When we got home he went straight for the big sack that he had seen on the table earlier, knowing it was his present.

Then he started to open the presents we gave him.

The it was fun with the ballon.

Out came the letter blocks that had a magnetic to put on the fridge door.  Logan would say each letter as he attached it.  We were amazed how he was able to say each letter, turn it right side up, and line it up so neatly on the door.

How smart for a two year old!

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