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Thanksgiving in Washington

| November 25, 2007 8:39 pm

Ann, Franz and Greg spent this Thanksgiving visiting Sara and her family. We had a great time, except for maybe the rain and cold. Being from California, we were not quite ready for the cold weather.

Sara setting table

Three generations

Thanksgiving feast

Later we enjoyed desert. Instead of pumpkin pie and whipped cream, Andrew went straight for the whipped cream.



On Saturday Andrew ran his first race. He was on a program at his school to included running and so far he has run 50 miles during the year. That entitled him to enter this race in Seattle.

Mike and Andrew at race

Sara and Andrew

We then made a trip up the Space Neddle. Peter tried to see the moon.


Then he tried to blow the cold away.


Ann Turns 39

| November 10, 2007 9:45 am

We celebrated Ann’s birthday by spending two days down in Carmel and Monterey. We love this area and feel it is one of the most beautiful areas in the US and only 45 minutes from our home. We stayed again this year at the Carmel Valley Ranch, which offers a great suite for a somewhat reasonable price on weekdays. We arrived on Thursday afternoon and after checking in we headed out on our single bikes to climb Robinson Canyon, which is just adjacent to the Carmel Valley Ranch.

Ann and Franz at summit of Robinson Canyon

This picture was at the summit of a long climb. I forgot how steep this canyon is but you can see from this profile.

Robinson Canyon Profile



We then headed down the backside, an area I have never biked to before. We saw a expansive development over there, looking like large estates, but it was hard to see any buildings. We did see a private lake and a private golf course.


The climb back up the backside is was not as steep. Ann proved she is only 39 years old.

After reaching the summit again, we had a steep descent back down to the Ranch.

We were greeted upon arrival by some friends who were NOT looking forward to Thanksgiving.

For dinner we returned to eat at the Forge in the Forest, in Carmel. It was a wonderful dinner, sitting outside with an outdoor fireplace. After returned back to the Ranch we started the fireplace in our room.The next day we headed over to Monterey and parked the van. On our bikes we headed towards Pebble Beach on the 17 mile drive



We stopped on the way by the Spanish Bay entrance.

It is beautiful along the 17 mile drive

.17 mile drive


Franz and Ann

At Pebble Beach we bought a sandwich at the market and enjoyed it on the nearby picnic tables.

at Pebble Beach

We then got ready for the ride back along the same route.


It was a fun two days with very nice weather for early November.