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Lunch at the Lake

| May 7, 2007 1:07 pm

The days have definitely warmed up and it was already in the high 60’s as we left on a bike ride to do the Canada Loop. With the predicted high of over 90 degrees, we decided to climb the Canada side and finish most of the climbing before it got too hot. It was Ann’s first time to climb that hill but she seemed to have no problems. She commented that she had anticipated a steeper hill than it turned out to be. I guess she is ready for Metcalf now!

After reaching the CDF fire station where Canada and Roop roads intersect, we turned right and headed up to Gilroy Hotsprings. It was Ann’s first time up that road and we commented it would have been great to know about all these places when the kids were younger so we could have taken on some hikes. We have lived in Gilroy nearly 30 yeas (less the 13 years in Japan) and it was not until I got into biking and rode with bike groups that I learned about so many neat roads right in my backyard.

After finishing the in and out to the hot springs , we continued on the loop until we reached the turn off for Coyote Lake. About 3 miles into that road we found a nice picnic table in the shade where we stopped and enjoy the gourmet lunch I had carried (peanut butter sandwiches, granola bar and water). It was peaceful up there without all the people you see on a weekend.

After lunch we climbed back up to Roop road and then headed down to Leavsley and back home. As we finished the ride, it was getting a lot warmer, now nearly 90 degrees. The total miles ended up to be about 35 with some good climbing.